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“To Create The Outstanding Construction Enterprise in China”is the ambitious goal of the Group that to build up a trans-regional, cross-industrial, cross-ownership and multinational company with scientific organization system, diversified market structure, intensified business operation, modern management by keeping pace with the time and relying on the wisdom and sweat of the whole staff.

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  In the early 1950s,as one of the earliest construction companies in China, Nantong Construction Group Co., Ltd. was founded at the time of New China’s reconstruction for prosperity with the Company business license endorsed and issued by Mr Chen Yun , one of the new China’s pioneering leaders, the then Vice Premier of the State Council and the Director of Finance & Economic Committee.
  Over the last six decades, the Group has been striving ahead of the building construction field with its arduous pioneering efforts and ambition to be the first above all competitors. In 1950s, the company was famous over the Nation for being “undertaking business diligently and frugally with politics in command” as the enterprise mission and was set up as a Red Flag (spearhead) enterprise in the field of construction industry by the Central Government. Thanks to the honors awarded, the Company was selected to participate in the “Construction of Top 10 Capital Projects” inBeijing. In 1960s, we took part in the construction of Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge, the world’s longest road-rail bridge at the time to which we dedicated our wisdom and sweat. The1970s witnessed one of the Company’s main contributions as we joined in the reconstruction of post-quake Tianjin (Municipality directly under the Central Government) and Tangshan (Municipality under China’s Hebei Province), both of which were stricken by a disastrous earthquake at 7.8 on the Richter Scale on July 28, 1976 which killed 242769 lives . Guided by the Nation’s policy of Reform and Opening up to the outside world, in the 1980s, the Company started to expand business and penetrated Shanghai market, thus becoming the first building contractor out of Jiangsu Province who participated in the Municipality’s primary construction. In the 1990s, weathering through the Market Economy, we made a breakthrough in undertaking huge and brand projects as the Company’s great achievements and accomplishments.
  Stepping into the 21st century, the Group continued innovative reform and development with rapid expansion in various business sectors and market scales having made remarkable contributions to China’s industrialization and urbanization, which are well received by different aspects of society. Hereby I’d like to extend my heartfelt gratitude and high respect to the leaders at various levels, to the friends from all walks of life and to each employee of this Group who care and support the Group’s development all along.
Nowadays the rapid development of science and technology has accelerated economic globalization. Facing the new opportunities and challenges, we will inherit and carry forward the Group’s Spirit of “Working Hard and Dare to be the First” and exert ourselves to formulate a brand-new integrated operation mechanism of “R&D, Design, Construction and Service”. Meanwhile we should adopt environmental-friendly concept in building construction field to turn ourselves from a famous “building contractor” into an excellent “building service provider” and steadily forge ahead towards the goal to become China’s best building contractor being a trans regional, cross industry, multinational enterprise synchronized with a scientific organism, diversified market structure, intensified production & operation system and modernized enterprise management. Moreover, we would like to establish more cooperation sincerely hand in hand with customers and friends both at home and abroad from all walks of life with joint efforts to enhance faster and better development for a brighter future. 

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