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Successful Completion and Handing-over of China-aid Maintenance Work for Mauritania Friendship Hospital

2020/04/28 00:00

On March 31,2020,the China-aid Maintenance Work for Mauritania Friendship Hospital performed by Overseas Branch of the Group was successfully completed and handed over. The project was started on July 25, 2018 with the Contract Amount of CNY 36.69 million and the work scope of finishing update, water and electricity installation and upgrade and replacement of medical equipment.The project is located in Arafat District, Nouakchott, the capital of Mauritania, with total building area of nearly 8000 ㎡. The hospital which facilitates 60% of the middle & low-income population of the capital is one of the largest public hospitals in the capital of Mauritania .    




When Covid-19 outbroke early this year, the first confirmed case was found in March in Mauritania. In order to meet the requirement of pandemic prevention, the Work was completed in advance and handed over on March 26, 2020.On March 31, 2020, the Handing-over Ceremony was held with the attendance of Ambassador Zhang Jianguo of Chinese Embassy in Mauritania and Minister Hamid of Ministry of Health of Mauritania.


In the speech, Ambassador Zhang Jianguo said, Covid-19 now is spreading all over the world. Facing the strict challenge, the Chinese Government will not forget the help by Mauritania Government and People in the first time at the beginning of the outbreak of Covid-19 and extend empathy for the pandemic in Mauritania  with provision of support and help within its capacity. Hand over the China-aid maintenance work of Friendship Hospital in advance is to help Mauritania to improve medical conditions to fight against the pandemic.


Minister Hamid said, Mauritania is now in a critical time. China Team conquered huge difficulties in completion and handing over the project in advance, which afford timely assistance and will play an important role in fighting against the pandemic and is the most precious gift by Chinese Government. It not only reflects the profound friendship by Chinese Government, which proves that China and Mauritania are the real friend and brother sharing weal and woe but also shows the China speed and power. Mauritania Government and People will keep in mind forever the huge contributions to public health of Mauritania made by China.