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“To Create The Outstanding Construction Enterprise in China”is the ambitious goal of the Group that to build up a trans-regional, cross-industrial, cross-ownership and multinational company with scientific organization system, diversified market structure, intensified business operation, modern management by keeping pace with the time and relying on the wisdom and sweat of the whole staff.

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Delegation Leaded by Chairman Zhang Xiangyang Visits Zhongnan Group and Longxin Group of Nantong

2015/04/02 10:33


According to the Annual Work Schedule and in order to learn from other construction enterprises, push forward the transformation and upgrade of the Group and realize scientific development, on March 5, 2015, delegation including senior executives and department managers headed by Chairman Zhang Xiangyang visited Zhongnan Group and Longxin Group.

On the morning, the delegation visited Zhongnan Group and was welcomed by Executive CEO, GM Tao Yan of Zhongnan Construction Group. The delegation first of all visited Zhongnan new Headquarters which covered the area of 70 000 M2 with the construction floorage of 210 000 M2 and is divided into Office Buildings, Complex Buildings and Dormitory Buildings 3 parts providing one-stop service for the staff. The Natural, Green, Ecological, Environmental and Modern Design Concept, the Simple, Elegant and Generous Construction Style and the Practical and Effective Function Principle in this new Headquarters represented the leading level of China in Headquarters construction, which provided in-depth illuminations for the visiting delegates.

BIM(Building Information Modeling) Technics is the important content in this visit. In the reception room of Zhongnan Group, Executive CEO Tao Yan introduced in details the application of BIM Technics in Zhongnan Group and the technical staff introduced the actual case by multi-media. In recent years, Zhongnan Group followed the pulse of times and firstly applied BIM Technics in the bidding, modeling and construction and simulated the visual construction which helped realize accurate construction, less design errors and improved construction quality, cost management, progress control and coordination and finally achieved the transformation from traditional construction to high-tech construction.

On the afternoon, the delegation visited Longxin Group. In the construction industrial base, the delegates investigated the related details of technology research, PC design and consultant, Prefabricated Components, Collective Processing and Assembly of Steel Bar, Inspection etc. and then in the headquarters, the delegation was welcomed by Chairman Chen Zuxin who introduced the transformation and upgrade of industrial structure, and developing strategies which left deep impression to the delegates.

By this visit and investigation, the delegates learned advanced experience, expanded the horizon and will certainly further push forward the transformation and upgrade of the Group and realize scientific development.