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“To Create The Outstanding Construction Enterprise in China”is the ambitious goal of the Group that to build up a trans-regional, cross-industrial, cross-ownership and multinational company with scientific organization system, diversified market structure, intensified business operation, modern management by keeping pace with the time and relying on the wisdom and sweat of the whole staff.

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Informatization Meeting

2016/03/02 15:50

On the date of February 22, 2016, Informatization Meeting of the Group was held in the Conference Hall with the attendance of leaders of informatization works. The department managers and project managers sat in on the meeting.


Chen Jian, Manager of Information Department summed up current informatization works of the Group and proposed initial plan for the ongoing works. Other department managers reported separately the current informatization situation as to different department and further, the attendance discussed the introduction of BIM Techinics, Optimization of OA system and Improvement of Informatization Management with pertinent and feasible suggestions proposed.


 Chairman Zhang Xiangyang pointed out that Eneterprise Informatization of Construction Industry can be summarized into 4 stages: Stage 1. Professional Software Informatization, Stage2. Business Segment Informatization, Stage 3. Enterprise Management Integration, Stage 4. Application of Big Data. He said, the informatization construction of the Group, generally speaking, is on Stage 2. We made some achievements, but theres great room to grow. 


As to the informatization works, Chairman Zhang Xiangyang instructed that,

1. Informatization is the only road for transformation and upgrading of construction industry

2. Make the strategy and plan for Informatization works of the Group scientifically

3. Comprehensively promote the standardization, informatization and meticulousness of the Group Management

4. Effective implementation of detailed works under the leadership of the Group and cooperated by the Branch.


He stressed, “the Group attached great importance to Informatization Management which was already put on the height of Enterprise Development. The Group in the future will devote great efforts to propelling the construction of informatization and deepening the implementation of detailed works in order to adapt to the New Normal Economy by updating the software, cultivation of talents and reforming the hardware and finally improve the Informatization Management of the Group to a new level!