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Chairman Zhang Xiangyang Visits Dalan Intel Nonvolatile RAM Expansion Project Phase 1

2017/06/02 15:54

On May 16, 2017, Chairman Zhang Xiangyang went to Dalan visiting Dalan Intel Nonvolatile RAM Expansion Project Phase 1 executed by Nantong International Engineering Company, one subsidiary of the Group accompanied by Deputy GM Chen Jianqing, Chen Guoli, Liu Xu and GM of Nantong International Engineering Company.


Dalan Intel Nonvolatile RAM Expansion Project Phase 1, located at No. 109, Rd Huandong, Development Zone, Dalian covering the land 40 599 M2, Gross Floor Area of 128 610 M2, Building Height of 23.975 M, prefabricated frame structure, Contract Amount of RMB 124 000 000 and was managed by Cornelius Schwehr (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.


Chairman Zhang Xiangyang paid high commendation to the project after listening to the report by Project Manager.


During the visit, Chairman Zhang Xiangyang met the high-level representative of Cornelius Schwehr (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. and expressed the appreciation for the trust and support from Cornelius Schwehr (Shanghai) and the hope for win-win development in the future.