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Pass on Love, Continue on Charity——The Group Donates RMB 300 000 to Nantong Charity Federation

2017/06/02 15:59

On the morning of May 17, 2017, “Celebration for the 20th Anniversary of Founding of Nantong Charity Federation & Commendation Meeting for Charity Star” was held in the Lecture Hall (Ground Floor) of China Charity Museum. Lu Zhipeng, Nantong Municipal Secretary of CPC, Director of the standing Committee of NPC, Han Zhiming, Mayor of Nantong, Jiang Hongkun, President of Jiangsu Charity Federation, Wang Dezhong, President of Nantong Charity Federation and Li Weidong,  Deputy Secretary of CPC of the Group attended the meeting.


For years, the Group bearing high social responsibility and mission passed on and promoted the virtue of “Be Generous in Philanthropy and Helping the Poor or the Person in Trouble and donated cash and physical objects worth of several million RMB. The Group donated RMB 300 000 to Nantong Charity Federation on this Meeting.