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“To Create The Outstanding Construction Enterprise in China”is the ambitious goal of the Group that to build up a trans-regional, cross-industrial, cross-ownership and multinational company with scientific organization system, diversified market structure, intensified business operation, modern management by keeping pace with the time and relying on the wisdom and sweat of the whole staff.

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Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of Jiangsu Province Makes Investigation into the Group

2017/05/06 16:21

On April 13, 2017, Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of Jiangsu Province made Investigation into the Group with the aim of getting information from Nantong construction enterprises as to the business situation, development trend, transformation idea and feed back to the provincial policies and work arrangement.


Chairman Zhang Xiangyang made report that the Group transformed into private company since the year of 2004 and moved into rapid and steady stage with the business scope covering all over China. In 2016, the Group realized the construction turnover of RMB 16 Billion and the profit and tax exceeding RMB 800 Million. The overseas cultivation obtained obvious achievement since the Group confirmed Going Out as the important development strategy. Currently, 200 people were dispatched overseas, which made solid foundation for further Going Out”. Meanwhile, he pointed out the problems and difficulties that need the support and help from the government.

1. the irrationality exists between enterprise Qualification and Bidding Prequalification,

2. unhealthy competition and repeat construction will occur once Construction Industrialization is operated by the enterprises themselves,

3. in PPP Model, the government encourages the private company and capital to cooperate with the government, but in fact, most of the contract is awarded to State owned company in this model.


The team leader of this investigation summarized the questions and made related reply promising to raise these problems to the Department of Housing and Urban-rural Development, issue more effective policies, and carry forward the transformation and upgrade of construction enterprises.