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“To Create The Outstanding Construction Enterprise in China”is the ambitious goal of the Group that to build up a trans-regional, cross-industrial, cross-ownership and multinational company with scientific organization system, diversified market structure, intensified business operation, modern management by keeping pace with the time and relying on the wisdom and sweat of the whole staff.

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Zhang Xiangyang


Zhang Xiangyang, Male, CPC Member, Postgraduate, Senior Engineer, Grade ⅠProject Manager, Constructor. Secretary of CPC Committee, Chairman and General Manager of Nantong Construction Group Co.,Ltd.


Social Titles:

Representative of the 11th Provincial People’s Congress of Jiangsu Province

Vice-president of Jiangsu Construction Industry Association

Vice-president of Jiangsu International Contractors Association

Vice-president of Jiangsu Construction Industry Management Association

President of Nantong Construction Industry Association

Vice-chairman of Nantong Youth Federation

Vice-President of Nantong Enterprise Confederation /Nantong Enterprise Directors Association

Vice-president of Nantong Construction Chamber



“Model Worker” in National Construction System

Excellent Entrepreneur in National Construction System

Senior Professional Manager in China Construction Industry

Annual Excellent Manager in Jiangsu Construction Industry

Excellent Ideological and Political Educator in Jiangsu Construction System

Excellent Entrepreneur in Jiangsu Construction Industry

Construction Entrepreneur Who Made Great Contribution in Jiangsu Province

Excellent Server for Labor Union in Jiangsu Construction System

Person of the Year in “Construction Times”

the 4th “Nantong 10 Outstanding Youths”

Enterprise Manager Star in Nantong Construction Industry

Top 10 Business Runners Who Care for Migrant Labor in Nantong

Leading Person in Nantong Invincible Army (Construction Industry )

Person of the Year in Nantong “Famous Enterprise, Famous Works, Famous People” Activity

Excellent Builder in Nantong the 3rd Socialist Cause with Chinese Characters

Outstanding Contribution in Nantong Open Economy Development

the Honored Entrepreneur in Nantong Construction Industry

the Fourth Prize in Nantong Scientific and Technological Improvement Activity

the Second Prize in Nantong the 6th Excellent Academic Dissertation of Natural Science


Representing Works:

“the study of Standardization for Suspended Scaffolding in High Buildings”

“Construction Method of Marble Finishing for Coal Ash Aerated Concrete Block”

“Construction Method of Pile Expanding for Reinforced Concrete Vibration”

“Construction Method of Large Suspended Transfer Slab in High Level” and

“Construction Method of Movable Scaffolding used for Long-span Dry Coal Shed Curved Steel Grid Erection”

“Application of Energy-saving and Wall in New Style in Construction”

“Collection of New Technologies Used in Wuxi Stadium”

“Construction Method of Semi-reversed Excavation Supporting System for Deep Foundation Pit of Basement”

“Difficulties to Coordinate Labor Relationship in Construction Company”

“State owned Enterprise Innovation - To operate on the Table”

The Struggling Experience in Africa-Enlarge the “Profit Cake”

3 Innovation Patents

5 Utility Model Patents

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